Creating Engaging Social Media Campaigns for Causes That Matter

Nonprofits should leverage social media to connect with audiences and boost community engagement.

Crafting social media campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive support for nonprofits is both a technical skill and an art. To stand out in a crowd, nonprofits must create unique, original, and interesting content.

Why Should Nonprofits Create Engaging Social Media Content?

Engaging social media content can help nonprofits perform critical functions like:

  • Raise funds
  • Recruit donors and volunteers
  • Increase awareness of their cause
  • Build a community around the nonprofit’s mission
  • Communicate important information to many people quickly

Examples of Successful Nonprofit Campaigns on Social Media

In 2022, Hurricane Ian struck the southeastern United States, the deadliest hurricane to hit Florida since 1935. The American Red Cross leaped into action to help those affected, and they launched one of the most effective nonprofit campaigns on social media to raise funds for their work.

The campaign focused on the good, primarily by showing videos of those affected by the hurricane telling their stories. Videos showed hurricane survivors talking about how they had been taken care of by the Red Cross, how they received meals every day, and how the volunteers even took the time to play with children affected by the hurricane.

The campaign was highly effective because it connected the nonprofit’s target audience (the people watching the videos) to the hurricane victims and how the Red Cross helped those victims recover from the storm of a lifetime.

What Does it Mean to Create Cause-Driven Content?

Cause-driven content is defined as content that immediately connects the viewer to the nonprofit’s cause. An excellent example of cause-driven content can be found in a social media campaign launched by Save the Children.

In this campaign, rather than quoting statistics on the number of children suffering worldwide, Save the Children narrowed in on a handful of children and profiled their experiences before and after being contacted and helped by the nonprofit. 

The social media campaign was effective because it clearly showed viewers the pain these children were experiencing daily, which emotionally connected viewers to the cause. The campaign also showed viewers how Save the Children was helping make a difference in the children’s lives, which inspired viewers to donate to the cause.

Sulzer Inc. Has the Tools to Help Nonprofits Drive Community Engagement

Historically, nonprofits have used in-person events to encourage engagement and persuade communities to donate and volunteer. But in the 21st century, community engagement means more than hosting events, workshops, and volunteer beach cleanups. Today, community engagement almost always begins online. 

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