Sulzer wins an American Advertising Federation Addy Award and the prestigious Mosaic Award for their integrated creative campaign for their nonprofit client, RCMA’s.

Sulzer’s successful, integrated, and branded content campaign helped the agency take home the 2024 Mosaic ADDY Award and Silver Award.

Tampa, FL: The American Advertising Federation (AAF) awarded Sulzer the 2024 Mosaic ADDY Award and the local Silver ADDY Award for the agency’s consistent and effective work on the Redlands Christian Migrant Association (RCMA) Mulberry Capital Campaign. The Mosaic Award is reserved for agencies and individuals whose work and results reflect a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

RCMA is a Florida-based nonprofit dedicated to helping more than 4,600 children within the Sunshine State’s most vulnerable communities. Donating to RCMA directly funds quality care, education, and resources for children of migrant working and low-income families. Despite its incredible good works, RCMA grappled with a fragmented brand identity, an in-cohesive design and color scheme, and usability challenges within its digital presence. 

The creative and strategic teams at Sulzer leveraged potential donors’ core motivations and concerns to craft strategic branding, design, outreach campaigns, and a new online presence that resonated on a personal level with potential donors. Every step of the way, Sulzer worked closely with RCMA to produce compelling narratives while highlighting the powerful stories of the children RCMA supports.

Sulzer won the awards for the results it obtained for RCMA and their community. Since the partnership began, RCMA has experienced a 33.5% increase in social page likes, seven new branding campaigns successfully launched, and a 38.1% increase in EOY net assets from 2019 to 2022.

To learn more about the good work Sulzer does to help nonprofits achieve their goals, follow the creative agency on LinkedIn, Instagram, Vimeo, and Facebook. To reach Sulzer directly, contact their office at 813.920.9825 or reach out via their website.

About Sulzer: Sulzer is a creative agency that empowers nonprofits and purpose-driven organizations to create positive impacts. Humbly located at the heart of change, Sulzer unites its clients’ passions and good works with strategic expertise to amplify missions, reach target audiences, engage interested parties, and effectively facilitate new growth for nonprofit and purpose driven organizations. With Sulzer, nonprofits reach their audiences in a way that resonates and moves people to evolve from curious bystanders to active and engaged supporters.

We are so honored to have won these awards, and the continued opportunity to work with RCMA to empower their mission. Our collaboration created a landscape in which we could strategically reshape RCMA’s brand and digital presence, resulting in a stunning uplift in engagement and enrollment. The achievement was an affirmation in the power of targeted branding and digital strategies to enhance community visibility and impact, but the deeper meaning behind the work was that RCMA is now able to get its message out there in ways it never had before. We couldn’t be happier to have been a part of that.

Michelle Sulzer
Founder + Chief Creative Officer

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