Digital Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits on a Budget

Nonprofits can find unique and creative ways to promote their good works to the public, no matter their budget.

Digital marketing comes in all shapes and sizes and at all price points. Some aspects of digital marketing, like Google’s Pay-Per-Click ad feature, are as effective and helpful as one is willing to spend money on them. However, some digital marketing techniques can produce incredible results with little financial cost.

Nonprofit Digital Marketing

Nonprofit digital marketing is essential for nonprofits to stand out, inform the community of their good works, and earn support through donations and volunteer hours. But as the internet becomes increasingly competitive, nonprofits must get creative in securing visibility.

The Importance of Online Visibility

Achieving online visibility can seem challenging at first. Google reported 1.13 billion online websites, with as many as 50 billion individual website pages.

Google also recorded about 1.48 million 501(c)(3) nonprofits in the United States. The competition for the coveted attention of online audiences is high, and garnering online visibility has never been more important for nonprofits. No online visibility means no attention from an audience, which in turn means no support, donations, or volunteer sign-ups.

Five Budget-Friendly Strategies for Branding a Nonprofit

The internet is now the primary location where nonprofits showcase their work. That can take many forms, from a well-designed website to an interactive app, email newsletter, digital ad campaign, and social media posts. Some digital marketing tools can be expensive, but budget-friendly strategies for promoting a nonprofit exist, including tools and strategies like:

  • Asking for reviews and testimonials. Social proof is everything in the online world, and it costs nothing to ask someone who has worked for, volunteered with, or been helped by a nonprofit to leave a review or write a testimonial.
  • Opting for email campaigns over print mailers. Email templates are endlessly customizable, and for a small monthly subscription to an email hosting service, one can send emails to thousands of subscribers for a fraction of the cost of using print mail.
  • Posting often, but being intentional about it. It costs nothing to create social media profiles, and it’s free to post. Nonprofits should build an online presence via frequent social media posts, but they should be intentional about it and only create unique, original, and interesting content.
  • Encouraging online engagement. Every time a nonprofit posts on social media, they should encourage engagement by asking followers to like, comment, and share.
  • Writing a blog and posting it on social media and in emails. Websites with frequently added blog posts rank higher on Google and become more interesting and relevant to the nonprofit’s audience. One should write a weekly blog post and include it in the newsletter. Mentioning the blog in social media posts is also a good idea.

Sulzer Inc. Creates Cost-Effective Digital Tactics in Nonprofit Marketing

Nonprofits focus most of their available funds on their mission and purpose, so it’s not uncommon for such organizations to hit budget constraints when it comes time to market and brand the organization’s activities and good works. Thankfully, Sulzer Inc. can offer cost-effective digital tactics for nonprofits.
Sulzer’s mission is to help nonprofits by tapping into the passion and drive that fuels them while simultaneously leveraging time-tested, strategic experience to publicize the supreme goodness of nonprofits for all to see. Nonprofits who work with Sulzer observe significant brand elevation, a rush of new supporters, regular donation increases, record audience growth, and higher engagement. Contact Sulzer Inc today to get started.