A Brand Reimagined. 50% increase in new supporters and partners.

Client: RCMA

Empowering a Legacy: From Vision to Vibrancy

66 child development centers / 1,700+ employees / 3 charter schools

RCMA, a beacon for the children of migrant farm workers, sought a brand transformation that would resonate deeply with its audience. We were approached by RCMA to reimagine their brand, build a design system, expand their reach through ongoing growth engagement. The results have been transformational.

A New Identity That Resonates

Understanding The Challenge

RCMA, despite its profound impact, grappled with a fragmented brand identity. Varied logos and color schemes led to a disjointed experience. Moreover, their digital presence had usability challenges, affecting engagement and long-term supporter commitment.

Driving Generosity: Effective Donor Campaigns that Connect.

Understanding donor motivations, crafting the narrative, leveraging digital platforms, and measuring impact and iterating

Sulzer Inc. tapped into the core motivations and concerns of potential donors, crafting campaigns that resonated on a personal level. Each initiative was anchored by compelling narratives, highlighting the genuine stories of the children RCMA supports. Harnessing modern digital tools, Sulzer refined RCMA’s online donor platforms and employed targeted online strategies to connect with donors. Continuous post-campaign evaluations and refinements ensured growing donor engagement and contributions with each effort.

Ring the Bell

Polk County is one of the fastest growing areas in the country. This campaign was developed to help raise funds to support a brand new charter school to serve the rapidly expanding community of Mulberry! Let’s ring that new school bell!

Day of Giving

Giving day is every day, but for this special campaign, we focused on the bright summer sun and even brighter smiles of our shining kids at RCMA. Our goal was to expand engagement with our cool community of donors, and they did not disappoint!

Immigration Campaign

The past few years have been hard on the migrant workers that come here to support the nation’s growing season. RCMA was the recipient of a grant from the Zuckerberg Initiative to help improve the American view of immigration and how it helps our agricultural economy thrive.

An Engaging Experience Crafted with Care

To optimize engagement, Sulzer Inc. incorporated bench mark user experience best practices into RCMA’s digital experience. Every touchpoint was optimized to eliminate pain points, foster trust, and guide decision-making, ensuring supporters felt connected and valued at every step.

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Design Systems for Sustainable Growth

The Results: A Transformational Impact

In 2019, Sulzer had the honor of being written into a story that was 55 years in the making. Born from the seeds of tragedy, RCMA began in 1965 and has worked tirelessly every year to change and improve the lives of migrant workers and their families, opening doors to new opportunities that would have otherwise been out of their reach. Starting with 2 child care facilities, RCMA has grown to 66 Child Development Centers, three K-8 charter schools, 1700+ employees, 40,000 alumni and 6500+ children and families served annually. We are honored to be a partner and supporter of RCMA and their mission.


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